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Equiped Laboratory

The laboratories are all equipped with modern and latest equipment.Teachers and students enjoy the freedom to observe,experiment,analyze and create.Children have a terrific time during practical classes at the Labs!

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MacGarry Library

The library aims to help students develop their abilities to be independent, creative, responsible and effective users of ideas and information in order to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, multicultural world and pursue their passions.

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Wood Work Courses

Woodworking courses are available for both hobbyists and those seeking careers in this field. These courses usually cover skills like veneering, carving and furniture design and construction. Keep reading for more details about classes in woodworking.

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Tailoring Courses

The Edmund Rice Education Centre provides a unique opportunity for persons wanting to acquire the high level knowledge, skills and experience to establish their own businesses needed or for employment in established tailoring houses around the world.

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All are welcome to apply! We enroll based on spaces available. We promise that our quality of teaching will ensure your child makes amazing academic progress no matter their starting point.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors strive to motivate and engage all their students in learning. Fee Strucure


Amaizing Academic Progress
Competence Based and 8.4.4 Curriculum

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Latest News

7th June, 2019

11th Anniversary Celebration

11th Anniversary celebration of Secondary School Moving to Current Site and the blessing of the Secondary School Back in 2008. Read More...

7th June , 2019

School Bus launch

Long awaited Bus Finnaly Arrives.

10th June, 2019

CATs Week

Commence of the 2nd Term Midterm Exams.

12th June, 2019

Visitors From Australia

Gone Fishing Group vists and on 24th June arrival of St Bernards College Essendon group Read More...

15th July, 2019

MOCK Exams Commences

Form Four Mock Exams Commences.Form 1-3 End Term exams Commence on 22-26 July while Primary commence on July 29th Read More...

31th July, 2019

End Of 2nd Term 2019

Closing Mass on July 31, collection of Reports (Pirimary) August 1, Primary Sporst Day August 2. Read More...

My 12 years at BBCEC have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. the years spent there have been full of allround opportunities that were full of fun and academic grind one has to go through. The cademic and social exposure made me a better person to face the challenges of outside world!!.

I have never felt more welcomed than i did as a student at BBCEC. The increadibly knowledgeable and friendly tearchers, members of stuff and the student really provides a sence of community. ive had a wonderfull experience full of opportunities and i feel privileged to be part of this awesome community.!

My two Years in BBCEC were among the best in my life. Teachers are very kind and they want to help students improve.The atmosphere is friendly,staffs and students are very supportive. ive learnered alot about different cultures due to the schools diversity, made new friends and created many beautiful memories with them. i gained confidence and strength making me ready for my Future!.

As a parent, Entrusting my student to BBCEC has been amongst the wisest decision ive ever made. The growth in her was evident afer some time in the facility. How nicely she presented herself and her behavours reflected what she was exposed to in school. The school has moulded her to the strong young lady i'm proud of!!


We love to welcome dynamic and innovative team players to the BROTHER BEAUSANG Family, who will work with us to keep delivering our promise drawing from global best practice.

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